Case Studies


Xandera is a promising national startup brand in off-road trucking that engaged Vatik's services to establish a dominant presence in the E-Commerce Space for trucking parts. Our team developed a comprehensive brand identity, comprising a logo, voice, and marketing approach, specifically tailored to their target market. Through a thorough evaluation of their business model, objectives, and future aspirations, we devised a bespoke marketing plan that we continue to execute, driving Xandera's growth and success.

Content is king

Building the brand with video.

Xandera needed brand loyalty to become a leading distributor of overlanding and offroad parts. We observed that existing multi-million dollar companies lacked a consumer connection beyond their service offerings. Our concept was to establish a relationship between Xandera and consumers to foster brand loyalty. Vatik is presently expanding Xandera's social media presence via YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. The positive market feedback and heightened demand for Xandera's products have led to the launch of their E-Commerce platform.


Case Studies