Case Studies

CoVA Collective Realty

CoVa collective is a boutique real estate team, focused on becoming Hampton Roads top producing team.

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Dominating on YouTube and Google

Our approach for CoVA Collective was to establish a lead generation solution without relying on ad spend. By creating engaging videos focused on specific neighborhoods, cities, and relevant topics about the area, we were able to build a YouTube channel that receives thousands of monthly views. These views come from individuals across the country who are looking to relocate and seeking information about the area. Prospective buyers and sellers watch our videos and often reach out to CoVA Collective with inquiries or to work with their agents. The beauty of this strategy is that it is exponential over time, with a fixed production cost. Each video continues to generate views over time, and subsequent videos build upon the results of the previous ones. To date, CoVA Collective has successfully closed real estate leads generated from this strategy, showcasing its effectiveness and long-term impact.


Case Studies