Case Studies

CoVa Collective Realty

CoVa collective is a boutique real estate team, focused on becoming Hampton Roads top producing team. They are very operation oriented and organized and were looking for more lead sources to widen their reach in the area. After our analysis of their goals we started working with them to build their brand and support in the areas they hadn’t focused on.

Mining for buyer and seller leads is very competitive and can get expensive, we chose to invest in building their brand to create something that would continue to generate leads over time.


In the real estate industry typically you pay for leads from larger companies like Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin. The downside is they take a cut of your commission and when the ad spend stops, so do the leads. We wanted to position and provide CoVa Collective with a solution that would bring in leads and even after the ad spend stopped continue to grow. By creating videos around specific neighborhoods, cities, and specific topics about the area - we were able to build a channel that gets thousands of views a month. The views are from people all across the country looking to move in the area seeking information about where to move. Buyers and sellers will watch our videos, then reach out to CoVa with questions or wanting to work with the agents. The best thing about this strategy is it is exponential over time with a fixed cost of production. Each video we create continues to get views over time - so each additional video after that stacks the results. To date, CoVa Collective has been able to close on real estate transactions each month from our brand building efforts.


Case Studies