Case Studies

V Star Real Estate

V Star Real Estate is a highly successful team operating in Northern VA. With a desire to expand their business and recruit more agents, they approached us to explore opportunities for growth and additional lead sources.

building a brand yields better ROI vs paying for leads

Dominating on Google and YouTube

V Star Real Estate had been investing heavily in purchasing leads, only to find that they were yielding low-quality results. Realizing that the traditional approach was no longer effective, they turned to us for a new strategy that would help them stand out in the crowded real estate market. Our approach was centered around creating compelling content and leveraging the power of YouTube and Google to drive traffic. Over the course of several years, we have been working with V Star Real Estate, and they now generate a majority of their leads through these channels. Our content strategy includes filming local area videos and conducting interviews with the V Star team on a monthly basis. Additionally, we manage and maintain their website, and produce monthly blogs that receive thousands of visitors.


Case Studies