Case Studies

1st Class Real Estate

1st Class Real estate is a National Real Estate Franchise company with over 100 Individual Franchises and growing. Being such a niche focused, primarily B2B based company, they were looking for a solution to bring more awareness to 1st Class as being one of the best options for purchasing a real estate franchise.

Content is the best way to reach people nationally

Using Video and PPC to generate leads.

Our content strategy for 1st Class was centered around YouTube, positioning it as the go-to educational source for starting and purchasing a real estate brokerage. We recognized the importance of being visible and providing valuable information when individuals have questions about this topic. Therefore, we leveraged Google ads and YouTube as our primary platforms to establish 1st Class as a top source of industry insights. Each month, we create YouTube content that garners thousands of views from individuals interested in the real estate business or starting their own brokerage. Additionally, our Google Ad strategy specifically targets those seeking to start or purchase a brokerage franchise.


Case Studies