Case Studies

Prosper Insurance

Prosper Insurance is a rapidly expanding insurance company that boasts a workforce of more than 200 employees. To enhance their social media presence and brand image, Prosper has joined hands with Vatik, utilizing their expertise to create engaging social media ads, compelling brand videos, and enticing company culture content. In addition, Prosper leverages Vatik's content creation capabilities to provide value to their referral partners.

company culture is the base of all great companies.

Attracting new employees and building referral partnerships.

Prosper's recruitment process involves multiple channels across their various departments. Vatik supports their hiring efforts by producing engaging video content that showcases the company culture and job requirements. Our quarterly company headshots of all new hires and coverage of key company events further boosts employee engagement and provides shareable experiences. As a result of our collaboration, Prosper has witnessed an increase in the quality of job applications and elevated recognition as one of the leading insurance employers in the industry. Furthermore, we collaborate with their referral partners to create compelling content that strengthens the bond between Prosper and their referral network.


Case Studies