Xandera Website

Xandera is an overlanding truck brand that is evolving their business to become an E-commerce company selling parts and accessories online. We created a shop on Big Commerce that is easy to update, track inventory and shipping, and hosts the brands content.

Mobile Responsivene Website

We built a website that functions as both an e-commerce site and the hub of content for their influencers and subscribers.

After our analysis of the industry, we realized for Xandera to become a major distributor for overlanding and offroad parts they were going to need brand loyalty. We found that the major multi million dollar companies currently in the market were lacking a connection to the consumer outside of the service they provided. The idea - if we can establish a relationship between the consumer and Xandera, we can retain their loyalty when the consumers go to purchase products. Vatik is currently building Xandera’s presence through YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook and is launching their E-Commerce platform after positive market feedback and increased demand for products from the brand.